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Bromley By Bow Centre

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Connection Zone

We have been working with The Bromley by Bow Centre for several years now and support them in their innovative work as pioneering charity combining a neighbourhood hub with a medical practice and a community research project. 

Some early small changes we helped with led to a great working relationship and so we were asked to redesign their Connection Zone area to improve the connection and flow to and from the community hub and the health centre. Their core idea is that health is primarily driven by social factors, not medical ones, and so the flow between the community hub and health centre needs to be welcoming and easy to navigate.

Because the building is rambling and has undergone many changes over time, it was not possible to create a strong connection space, so instead we concentrated on the use of colour and ceiling shapes that give an indication of the flow direction between spaces and also integrate LED lighting.

At the intersection of the two areas is the Unity Cafe where we updated the serving area. The cafe is a hub of activity connecting people who work in and use the centre and also provides job opportunities and training. The cafe is run by Unity Kitchen; a social enterprise caterer.

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