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Beachfront Extension

Why Move When You Can Improve?

There are many good reasons to build an extension - create more space, add value to your home or because you love the area. Many properties have untapped potential, and rear or side extensions make a home more enjoyable to live in as well as adding to its value.

Recent figures show that more people are deciding to build an extension to save on the cost of moving house. The saving in agents selling fees and stamp duty alone can make a large dent in the cost of an extension. Although extensions and alterations involve quite a lot of upheaval, they can be the most cost-effective way to get the home you want.

Our designs create superb kitchen family rooms with lots of light and direct connections to the garden. The best kitchen family room combination layouts are usually open plan and incorporate plenty of storage and features like vaulted ceilings or even basements.

See Our Top Tips To Design Your Perfect Extension

Also see our case study showing the extension and modernisation of a house in Tunbridge Wells

Altering Your House May Be Enough

Older houses have often been adapted over time, with poor planning that makes them unsuitable for modern family living and may have no connection with the garden and views. The overall plan and flow of the house may not work and areas poorly lit. Often the main entrance is in the wrong place!


We look at the whole house to plan for both current and future needs.​

Interior Design

This is an integral part of our design work and contributes to the feeling of light, space and inside outside space. We help you select lighting, wall and floor finishes, kitchens, bathrooms and storage.

Why Use An Architect?

If you go straight to a builder you miss out on a critical stage - the design. In our experience clients want modern, light, airy spaces that is warm and functional. We balance your functional needs, aesthetics and cost to help you get what you want from your extension.

An architect takes a ‘helicopter view’ of the house and site to explore all possibilities. If this ends up with a “wish list” we can help prioritise so you get the house you want over time. We also integrate the extension closely to the existing house design, which is crucial to conserve the heritage of your building.

Do House Extensions and Alterations Add Value?

There is no guarantee that extensions add value, but generally extra floor space enhances future value. Refitting a kitchen or bathroom may be important to suit your own taste, but others may not see the same value.​ Further thoughts here