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  • Tim Ball

Garden Space Integrated With House Design

About 10 years ago we worked on this project in Coulsdon and recently the client got in touch to send us some pictures of the scheme with the garden landscaping complete.

Landscaping is so important but in many cases it is delayed to give the client time to recover from the building work. Gardens also need time to grow and fill out; indeed watching the progress of carefully chosen planting through the seasons is one of the joys of garden design.

Although we don’t design gardens, our projects always respond to the possibilities of garden design right from the start. We think about sun paths and garden views during the concept stage of the project and build on those ideas to make sure that when the garden does mature the garden becomes an external space that forms an integral part of the overall house design.

The whole of the rear wall of the old house was removed and supported by some new steelwork so that we could create a curved glazed extension, the full width of the house, to take advantage of garden views. The resulting open plan spaces flows from Living to Kitchen to Terrace seamlessly. We then added a 2 storey wing connected to the main house with a glass link where we also located the staircase.

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