Modern Contemporary Residential Architects

Working In Kent and Sussex

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Modern Contemporary Architects Serving Kent And Sussex

Who We Are

JHD Architects specialise in modern contemporary architecture for private residential clients and developers.

Design Magic

​We can turn a conflicting mess of site and cost constraints, differing agendas and technical problems into something functional, elegant, beautiful and timeless. Architects are uniquely able to synthesise all aspects of building requirements design, cost, planning, construction, long term maintenance.


At the core of our client relationships is trust. We want clients to have the confidence to trust our advice and judgement to guide them through the complex process of design and construction to achieve their aspirations for the lifestyle and building they are looking for.


Our Design Approach

​We listen to the way our clients want to live, identify the design brief that results and use that to change existing buildings to better fit their lifestyle. Good design can change the way you live and so we challenge our clients to make sure we get the very best design from every building. However we are also realists and so we analysis your needs carefully to ensure that every design feature has a reason and meets a specific need.

​Our passion is for creating striking, practical spaces in which to live, work, relax and entertain, maximising the potential for light and space. Spaces that have a ‘wow’ factor and are flexible enough to accommodate clients changing needs over time.

Our designs combine craftsmanship and richness in design with long life, loose fit and low energy.

Obtaining Planning Consent

​We have an excellent track record for obtaining planning permission, particularly in areas where planning restrictions are tight such as Greenbelt and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We also have a strong track record for obtaining consent to extend listed buildings.

Benefits Of 3D Design

​We believe we are one of very few Kent architects using 3D design ad BIM technology to its fullest extent, not only to produce 3D models for clients to ‘walk around’ before the first brick is laid, but also to speed up construction and improve cost control. Use of 3D, at the level of detail we achieve, ensures that clients expectations of the finished building match the reality of construction and the clarity of information saves money by avoiding costly changes on site.

Project Types We Work On

Where We Work


From our Tunbridge Wells office we cover all of Kent and East Sussex. We work in town and country, conservation areas, areas of outstanding natural beauty and greenbelt.

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