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Modern design architects​
Creating space for family life 
in Kent and Sussex

Whatever the size or style of house, clients always want more space!

If you have a baby on the way, boisterous toddlers or temperamental teenagers, the answer is always a house extension or a larger new house. Of course, you can move when you outgrow your existing home, but moving brings disruption and can mean losing a network of friends, changing schools and leaving behind happy memories. That’s why so many people choose to improve rather than move by adding an extension and re-plan the existing space to improve family life.

We also know that as we age, our needs change. We may find it more difficult to climb stairs, navigate narrow hallways, or reach high shelves. If you hope to stay in your home for many years to come, it's important to make modifications to make it accessible and comfortable for your changing needs. Let us show you what is possible within your existing home or what could be possible in a new home.

JHD Architects specialise in creating modern designs for families and we have been doing it since 2005. 

We can solve your design problems and obtain planning and listed building consent to make sure you get the space you need - with that added WOW factor.

We offer a synthesis of architectural, interior, garden design and construction management. We combine the best parts of existing buildings with modern energy-saving additions to make the best of your home and garden.

You tell us about your lifestyle - we’ll design your perfect home.

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