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How Feasible Is My Project?

​Like most clients one of your first questions about your project, whether its new houses or a family extension, is probably; 


How feasible is this? 


Can I get planning consent


How much is it going to cost?

Architects can’t answer those questions in detail without doing a lot of work, but sometimes you might only need an initial indication, just to test your idea out. That’s where our free video assessment might help, particularly if you are thinking of buying a new house or starting a major renovation or extension project.

Do get in touch to tell us about your building project.


You may want to phone us but it is usually more convenient to fill out our the contact form. That gives us more information about your project so that we can be clear how we can help.


A video call is a great first step on you project journey. As well as seeing each other we can share screens to look at drawings and images that help establish your brief. We can listen to your needs and outline some options to meet them. There is no charge.

What's a sensible budget inc fees and VAT? One way of assessing that is deduct what your home is worth now from how much it would cost you to move to get what you want. The difference is a good guide to what your budget should be. Current building costs are in the region of £3,600 including vat per m2 (£330/ft2).

Thanks for submitting - we will be in touch soon

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