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3D Architectural Modelling

3D architectural modelling is invaluable because it helps us explain designs to our clients and that helps them make  key decisions. Few clients can interpret a 2D drawing well however a 3D model is more like the real world around us and therefore easier to understand.

For that reason we design in 3D right from the start of a project and that helps our clients visualise their home. It also means we can easily modify a design to help evaluate changes quickly and simply.  

We send you a BIMX 3D model file that runs on any computer, tablet or smartphone so that you can see the design from all angles, internally and externally, to inform your choices.

Virtual 3D Model Versus 2D Drawings

Virtual 3D Home Versus 2D Drawings

Most architects produce 2D drawings with only basic reference to furniture, fixtures and fittings and so clients have difficulty picturing how their house will look and feel.  It's easy to overlook furniture layouts, door swings, kitchen and bathroom layouts and other features, because the 2D drawings are simplified to omit these. 

Above you can compare a 2D elevation drawing with the 3D equivalent.

Our 3D home models show you each external view and each internal space more clearly, so that you have confidence that the design meets your needs before committing to the build.  We can move walls, change windows and doors or re-position furniture to fine tune the design for you. It's much cheaper to do this in a 3D model than to modify work on site and avoids the delays that changes incur.

And because our 2D plans and elevations are created from the same model everything you see on all the drawings is accurate and easy to understand.

Below is an interior image of a Kitchen Family space. It has kitchen fittings, furniture, lighting and finishes all included so that you get a good idea of what the space will be like to live in. You even get an idea of the exterior view to the garden through the sliding/folding windows.

Internal Fitting Out

Our 3D models also include practical elements such as TV locations, electrical sockets and lighting, carefully positioned to suit the furniture layout. We include specific furniture, home entertainment systems, plumbing pipework, radiators, extractor vents and fireplaces. That way when you walk around the 3D model, you can see all the spaces, furniture and fittings just the way they will look in the finished project.

Externally we include paving and planting areas, external walls and steps, pools, trees and external lighting. We even include people so you get a feel for how you fit in the space.

3D Design - Pre-Build A Digital Copy

The same information that helps clients understand their design is also very useful to builders. They can benefit from access to the 3D model whilst they are building and they have told us they often find it more useful and accurate than 2D drawings. We pre-build a digital copy of the finished design as a 3D model so that the design you have approved is exactly what gets built.

​3D Design - Concept

The image above is a quick massing concept for an office, dropped into Google Earth. You can navigate within Google Earth to see exactly how the building fits the urban context. We do sketch schemes like this in 3D at concept stage for quick and accurate analysis of the site and floor areas. This helps with the feasibility of site purchase costs.

3D images created from our model are an invaluable part of planning applications and can help overcome objections from neighbours and local councils.

​3D Design - Cost

We also embed cost data into our models that automatically create cost plans. The same data is updated as the design evolves to track the cost of changes.

3D Design - Construction Documentation

A pre-built digital copy allows us to check and design out problems or clashes before construction starts, significantly reducing site changes, cost and delays. We embed all the specification information in the 3D model so that everyone has access to the specification as well as the 3D visual information. That helps everyone in the construction team understand every part of the project thoroughly. The same data can be extracted in almost any form to create lists and schedules - areas, volumes, element types, fittings, finishes, equipment.

The ​3D model is available to the client, builder, subcontractors and suppliers on every type of device - free of charge.

3D Design - After Construction

We update the model to take account of changes made on site and so after completion it provides an accessible record of every element as built. This can also be extended to cover maintenance to reduce call backs and provides the end user with a thorough record of the as built design.