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3D Building Design

All Our Work Is 3D - Just Like The Real World

Most clients struggle to “read” a 2D drawing. You see the world around you in 3D and so drawings can be a real barrier to understanding your own project. Given the significant investment in money, time and emotions that every project involves, the least a client should expect of their Architects is to fully understand the design before work starts on site.

So What Does A 3D File Look Like?


A video file is very easy to access but is not interactive. It gives you a curated walkthrough of your project, but you can’t stop and look around. This is an example of a Barn project that shows both the exterior and interior complete with the real view you see through the south-facing windows to make it more realistic. The style of the drawing is kept simple to reduce computer processing time to a few minutes, rather than a super-realistic drawing style that involves hours of processing time that imposes a barrier to producing it.

BIMX file


The alternative is to use an interactive 3D file. We use software called BIMX. This gives you a very different experience because you control your route through the project and you can stop anywhere to look around or take a look at a specific detail.

Click on the image below to download a sample BIMX file that will run on your computer, tablet or even your smartphone. The app is free and runs on all major operating systems.​ Try it out to see how easy it is to navigate.


​Virtual Building


We design in 3D to build your project as a computer model before it is built on-site. That helps you fully understand the details of the design and refine your requirements before work starts. You can see what you are going to pay for in every detail. Design changes before construction work starts are much less expensive and cause fewer delays than those made during construction. And it also shows the contractor how it is constructed, creating further savings, potential delays and cost overruns. Our system is used for new houses, residential extensions and listed buildings and lets you explore your virtual building inside and out in greater detail than ever before - giving you peace of mind that you will be happy with the completed project.

How Does It Work?

A lot of our work involves changes or additions to existing buildings and so the first thing we do is create a 3D model of the building as it stands. We can then “demolish” the parts of the building that are not required and add new items that are. You can compare the change between the existing and the proposed.


The Future Is Data

Everything we model is packed with useful data about areas, materials, specifications and quantities that automatically generate accurate schedules that help with cost control and project management.​


Does It Work On Site?

The detailed, fully coordinated drawings and specifications produced from the model help the contractor understand and execute the design more easily, leading to less rework and a better finish. There were fewer time-consuming misunderstandings and requests for clarification.

Both you and the contractor have access to the 3D model, all the 2D drawings and the fully detailed specification in one file, via a computer, tablet or smart-phone, 24 hours a day, wherever you are.

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