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Listed Building Extension Architects Kent and East Sussex

Do you own a listed building and need more space?


Owning a listed building can be an exciting opportunity, but how can you adapt the traditional layout of your listed building to the open plan space requirements of today’s contemporary living? 

Don’t let the listed status of your building be an obstacle. Listed buildings can be changed, including extending, remodelling and renovating. Historic buildings need to evolve; just as they have done in the past. 

We can breathe new life into a listed building by sensitively extending and preserving its past history and intrinsic features to satisfy planning policy whilst making it relevant for modern living. As experienced listed building architects in Kent and Sussex, we have worked on extending, converting and renovating houses including Grade II, Grade II*, barns, oast and manor houses and timber framed structures.


Wildernesse Estate Renovation

Complete Renovation and Large Extension

This house had a separate cottage to the rear that we connected to the main house with an indoor swimming pool extension. We also created a double height side extension to add a Reception Room. The extension also includes a Kitchen Family area with direct access to a garden terrace and to the indoor pool.


Sevenoaks Baillie Scott House

New Family Wing

This house was featured in House and Garden magazine when it was first built in 1924 and the pictures in that article were a great resource to see what it looked like then compared to what we started with. Our design creates a complete new Family Living wing connected to the main house with a glazed Entrance Hall. That allows new and old to sit together well without harming the original design. The new wing contains a large Kitchen with Family Room, a Utility Room and double garage.



Orchard View From Extension

This house had been extended several times in its life. The original core was added to with a triple roof 2 storey extension to the rear and then later a single storey Victorian extension to the side.


We used the same roof design as the Victorian extension to enlarge the Kitchen but created a contemporary glazed gable overlooking the adjoining orchard. Internally we used a sloping ceiling to create a spacious interior with roof lights over the Kitchen working area.


Hodsall Street Sunken Kitchen

Listed Building Infill Extension

This house had already been extended in the 1970’s and we thought a rear infill would be easy. However the listed buildings officer insisted that the client original first floor elevation remain visible. We overcame this by dropping the extension into the ground by 1m adding internal steps. We also created a sunken terrace at the same level so that you can walk into the garden from the kitchen at the same level.



Barn Conversion

This barn had been converted to a house some time ago however it had two problems. The stairs were steep and cramped and the tie beams at first floor severely restricted headroom. Our solution was to relocate the stairs and use the space for a double higher area over the Sitting Room. We also made structural changes to the tie beams to raise their height.


Hodsall Street

Listed Building Infill Extension

This extension was quite a challenge in that we needed to maintain the visibility of the original first floor elevation. Our solution is an ultra low profile flat roof design that also incorporates a glazed roof slot. That not only throws light into the interior but also provides a view from inside of the rear elevation of the listed building that was previously hidden.



Large Extension to Listed Manor House

This house is typical of many on small country estates in that the house is not large enough to justify the amount of land that surrounds it. Our design works with the ground levels to add a large 2 storey extension, half of which is at lower ground level and opens out to the much lower natural level as the land falls away. We hope work will start on this next year.


Wilderness Estate

Large Extension to Listed Building

This house was originally designed by Baillie Scott, however an ugly garage and workshop extension had been added later. Our design removes those and replaces them with a large new wing containing bedrooms and garaging. Our wing is set at a lower level and so does not harm the setting of the original building. The link between the existing and new wing also provides space for a generous entrance area and large Kitchen Family space.



Contemporary Extension To Listed Building

This house has an old medieval core at the front and over the eras has been enlarged several times in different and generally similar styles. Our design avoids further pastiche by adding in a contemporary contrasting style so that the legibility of the heritage is clear. This design approach was key to the success of the application that was recently approved. The annexe contains a ground floor Kitchen Family area and a basement Playroom. We hope to start work on the construction stage soon.

Why choose jhd Architects for your listed building extension?


  • We have an excellent track record of obtaining listed building consent for modern extensions

  • We explain the design thoroughly to the conservation officer to show how the design preserves and enhances the listed building; now and for the future

  • We have experience and specialist knowledge of how to design and work with listed buildings 

  • We view our role to be collaborative, working with you to stamp your personality on your property to suit your individual requirements

  • We use 3D drawings so that you can virtually see the design before it's built

  • We always give realistic appraisals of the time, complexity and costs involved

  • We share our experience about the approach needed for a successful listed building application and approval


You will need both planning permission and listed building consent. The latter includes additional controls that apply to both the interior and exterior of the building. 


If you hire us you can expect your listed building extension to be a contemporary design that:


  • Doesn’t harm the heritage features of the building’s fabric

  • Doesn’t impair the character or setting of the listed building

  • Includes design features that are modern and yet compliment the architectural style of the existing building


Listed building extension design and build architects in Kent and Sussex


If you are looking to extend your Grade II building, barn, oast or timber framed house, please get in touch with the listed building architects.


‘Design Magic’ from jhd Architects throughout Kent and Sussex

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