Why Choose JHD Architects?


  • Established local architects 

  • Innovative and inspirational design solutions 

  • Expert advice on obtaining planning consent

  • Detailed planning applications and listed building consents

  • Building regulation submissions

  • Involved at all stages of the project

  • 3D virtual building technology

  • Advice on building costs and return on investment

  • Contractor selection and tendering

  • Friendly, local architectural design and build services

  • We build valuable relationships with all of our clients who often come back to us with repeat business


In order to get an initial indication as to whether your ideas will work, we offer our free video assessment


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Assessing The Feasibility Of Your Building Project


Inspirational design services from jhd Architects will translate your vision and even challenge and excite your imagination. By listening carefully to your requirements, and your budget, we’ll give you clear, sound and pragmatic advice to let you know how feasible your building project is. 

Bring Your Plans To Life With Virtual Reality

To bridge the gap between the design studio and building project, we use the BIMX innovative and interactive communication tool so that you not only have 2D documents but 3D models as well. You really can literally walk around your project, bringing it to life to get a true sense of the proportions of your new design.

Obtaining Planning Permission 


Preserving beauty both in town and country is key for us and our planning applications reflect this. Using our expert knowledge of government and local policies, the designs for your new house, listed building, home extension, care home or development project are created to overcome planning constraints and regulations. The right combination of accurate and engaging presentation coupled with an emphasis on sustainability and low visual impact adds to our approval success rate.

Architectural Design Services from jhd Architects


  • Free Online Video Assessment - How Feasible Is My Project?

  • Concept design

  • Feasibility studies

  • Listed building appraisals

  • Detailed design

  • Planning applications 

  • Construction drawings and specifications

  • Building regulation applications

  • Project management

How We Work


Our work follows a tried and tested sequence that starts with high level strategic design work and adds more and more  detail as the project progresses.

Stage 1 - Brief


  • What are your needs and aspirations?

  • How much does it make sense to spend?

  • What are your time constraints?

  • What limits might planning policy impose?

Stage 2 - Sketch Design

We use your brief to explore possible design approaches. We consider where on the site to build, the best architectural style and the landscape design. We also review the planning policy requirements that need to be met. This stage is like a master plan that can include longer term ideas that you may not yet be ready to implement, but that could have an impact on shorter term design decisions

What We Do


  • Sketch out the various design options that respond to your brief 

  • Work out a budget for each option 

  • Make a planning pre-application if we agree that is needed

Stage 3 - Detailed Design

Having agreed the design approach and budget with you in stage 2, we now design in more detail


What We Do


  • Create a 3D design model

  • Suggest a palette of external materials

  • Discuss energy saving options

  • Prepare detailed drawings and a detailed statement to support the planning application 

  • Make the planning application and follow its progress

Stage 4 - Construction Documentation

Having obtained planning consent, we now prepare the construction documentation needed to tell the builder what you require in detail

What We Do


  • Update the 3D model to detail the construction, finishes and fittings including lighting and landscape design

  • Create a fully coordinated set of construction drawings and specification that describes the work accurately 

  • Obtain building regulation full plans approval

  • Obtain competitive quotes from builders

Stage 5 - Construction

Having found the right builder and agreed the cost of the work, we agree a contract for the building work on your behalf and then visit the site regularly to make sure the work is done correctly. We also manage payments to the builder and any extra costs


What We Do


  • Prepare the building contract for you and the builder to sign

  • Deal with all day to day contractors queries

  • Hold monthly progress meetings to monitor progress and quality plus additional site visits to deal with site queries

  • Prepare a monthly cost report showing you any changes to the budget, the cost of any variations required and how much to pay the contractor