Extending Care Homes

Our Design Approach

We start by listening to the way our clients want to run their care home business, identify the design brief and use that to alter and extend existing buildings to better fit their needs. Good design can change the success of a business and so we challenge our clients to make sure we get the very best design from every building. We are also realists and ensure that every design feature has a reason and meets a specific need. We also use our experience in designing for dementia to assess carefully what’s best for the residents. It's very important that they and their families are happy too.​

General Principles​


​Adding rooms is the main factor that increases the return on investment and so our priority is always to maximise the number of rooms.

Families views have a very large impact on the choice of care homes - perhaps less than the residents themselves. A great entrance area makes a great impression on arrival and enhances the reputation of the home with families and staff,

Hartley House, Cranbrook Extended and Refurbished Care Home

Hartley House, Cranbrook

Extended and Refurbished Care Home

As well as adding an extension with 11 new rooms we also created two new courtyards and 2 additional communal spaces we also transformed the entrance to give everyone views of the courtyard from the entrance hall.

As well as fresh bright colours, we also added a wall mural that has been used by residents many times as an artwork area to decorate the space as the seasons change.

The success of this project led to us working with the client on 4 more schemes as their Architects.

The “Internal Street”

The “internal street” should be a bright, colourful and stimulating environment that makes everyday life more enjoyable and interesting for residents, families and staff alike. It's also safe because staff can interact residents at any time as they go about their duties. Not just a corridor, it's a place to sit, meet and chat with other residents, staff and family. If residents are feeling gregarious, they might choose to spend all day there. If they want peace and quiet, they can sit in one of the conventional lounges instead.

Minster Extended and Refurbished Care Home


Extended and Refurbished Care Home

This project is currently on site and is due for completion in autumn 2020.

A key feature of the design is the new "Street" shown here. This will provide interesting additional communal space for residents to sit and interact with the day to day comings and goings of staff and visitors.

Care Home Professional recently featured the Internal Street

Dementia Friendly Courtyards

Our schemes feature "Internal Courtyards" that are dementia friendly, safe and secure. The courtyards let sunlight and daylight into the heart of the home and provide views out. Residents can go out whenever they wish, sit on a bench, look at the planting and do some of their own gardening. There will also be play equipment for visiting grand-children and age appropriate outdoor exercise equipment.

Gravesend Extended and Refurbished Care Home


Extended and Refurbished Care Home

We recently gained planning consent to add 16 rooms around an internal courtyard. The design again features an "Internal Street" that connects the main areas of the home for circulation but also gives residents an interesting environment to follow the comings and goings of the home.

We hope to start work on this soon.

New Rooms

The bedrooms are designed for people with dementia but can also be adapted for those who are in need of hospital after-care. Each room has space for a standard hospital bed with space all round to allow nursing care if needed. We use fresh colour combinations that are Dementia friendly. Residents relate strongly to colour and if a feature wall colour can be linked to their door colour it helps them find their own room.

En-Suite Shower Rooms

En-suite shower rooms give residents the privacy and the dignity of their own space, even if they need personal care. We design them as wet rooms with easy access and no steps into the showers.

Benefits For Staff

Modern dementia friendly facilities like this are great for the staff too. It makes their work easier and more enjoyable.

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