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As Architects we can turn a conflicting mess of site and cost constraints, differing agendas and technical problems into something functional, elegant, beautiful and timeless. Our priority is to gain a great planning consent to maximise the site value and then to hold on to that with good cost control.


Why What We Do Works

  • We combine great concept skills and a passion for good design with world class expertise in 3D design and BIM. We leverage that expertise to build a fully iterative design process with open communication with the developer. You get direct communication with an experienced architect - you don't deal with juniors

  • We are creative and look beyond the initial brief to get the best from every site, however our work is rooted in maximising site value

  • That design work translates into making excellent planning applications that have a significant impact on gaining consent

  • We are able to lead projects to obtain a great planning consent and our knowledge of planning policy and law means that often no planning consultant is required

  • Having obtained a great planning consent we avoid losing the value of the planning consent through poor cost control. We have robust cost and project management systems integrated into our workflow that help us retain value right through the complex process of designing, documenting and building by pro-actively leading on design value engineering. But we don’t just try to save money, we try to find value by turning something ordinary into something valuable and special

Hackney Mixed Development

Adding 4 Extra Floors

The existing two storey building on the site dates from the 1950’s and is surrounded by new 6 and 7 storey mixed developments. Our scheme will demolish the existing building and replace it with a 6 storey mixed development of offices and flats. The image shown is an example of the way we can drop our designs into Google Earth to show  the context of its surroundings very accurately.

Sevenoaks Apartments

Town Centre Redevelopment


This scheme is an ambitious redevelopment of a town centre plot within a conservation area. We used our 3D imaging capabilities to the maximum to show the scheme in the context of its surroundings.

Tunbridge Wells Redevelopment

This sketch scheme illustrates what we can do for a modest fee to help developers assess the viability of a project. We also use sketches like these for pre-application enquiries.

Working in 3D and BIM

  • We work in 3D as a matter of course to aid communication of the design and its context. We use Google Earth where buildings are available in 3D or we can use 3D point clouds or work from photographs to create as existing context for our proposals

  • We create great render images direct from our 3D models, avoiding the cost and delay of using external render providers

  • You get smart-phone, tablet or computer access to the 3D information at no extra cost

  • We have been using Building Information Modelling (BIM) for a long time and can use it to create additional data that is essential for property development

Sevenoaks Apartments


This development took a run down building and not only renovated it, but also added a whole new facade and balconies to one side where there is a great view of adjoining green space.

Sevenoaks Apartments


This development took a run down building and not only renovated it, but also added a whole new storey and balconies. Our design follows the style of the existing decorative brickwork, but introduces new contemporary glazed gables that maximise the volumes and light to the new top floor apartments.

Passionate about contemporary architecture | Delivered to the highest technical standards

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