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Development Project Architects in Kent and Sussex

A design-led approach to commercial development projects

Ready to tackle a new development project? With so much at stake, it’s essential that you find an architect who can provide creative solutions and impartial advice. Doing this will help minimise risks while also optimising your construction budget – ensuring the greatest return on investment!

jhd architects will take your inspired vision and turn it into a tangible reality. Our expertise lies in finding the perfect balance between creative design solutions, while ensuring that your project remains commercially viable at every stage - producing maximum value for you!

Getting an architect on board at the initial stages of your project is crucial to its success and with jhd Architects, you will be appointing experienced architects with a proven track record of commercial construction who will listen to your ideas and requirements and will assess your site and present the best options available. 

We can work with you to identify problems right from the start, and then design them out to avoid delays later.

Rolvenden Housing Development

8 New Eco Homes

We are excited to have obtained planning consent for 8 beautiful and energy-efficient Eco homes - perfect for older people looking to settle in the vicinity of a village centre. With contemporary open-plan designs and south-facing deck areas, these unique dwellings utilize heat pumps and solar panels as their primary source of heating and electricity. This innovative scheme ensures no harm is done to existing trees or public footpaths while significantly improving views at the entranceway into the village.

Hackney Mixed Development Adding 4 Extra Floors

Hackney Mixed Development

Adding 4 Extra Floors

The existing two storey building on the site dates from the 1950’s and is surrounded by new 6 and 7 storey mixed developments. Our scheme will demolish the existing building and replace it with a 6 storey mixed development of offices and flats. The image shown is an example of the way we can drop our designs into Google Earth to show  the context of its surroundings very accurately.

Sevenoaks Apartments Town Centre Redevelopment

Sevenoaks Apartments

Town Centre Redevelopment


This scheme is an ambitious redevelopment of a town centre plot within a conservation area. We used our 3D imaging capabilities to the maximum to show the scheme in the context of its surroundings.

Tunbridge Wells Redevelopment

Tunbridge Wells Redevelopment

This sketch scheme illustrates what we can do for a modest fee to help developers assess the viability of a project. We also use sketches like these for pre-application enquiries.

Tunbridge Wells RedevelopmentSketch 1.png

Working in 3D and BIM

  • We work in 3D as a matter of course to aid communication of the design and its context. We use Google Earth where buildings are available in 3D or we can use 3D point clouds or work from photographs to create as existing context for our proposals

  • We create great render images direct from our 3D models, avoiding the cost and delay of using external render providers

  • You get smart-phone, tablet or computer access to the 3D information at no extra cost

  • We have been using Building Information Modelling (BIM) for a long time and can use it to create additional data that is essential for property development

Working in 3D and BIM
Sevenoaks Apartments Redevelopment

Sevenoaks Apartments


This development took a run down building and not only renovated it, but also added a whole new facade and balconies to one side where there is a great view of adjoining green space.

Sevenoaks Apartments Redevelopment

Sevenoaks Apartments


This development took a run down building and not only renovated it, but also added a whole new storey and balconies. Our design follows the style of the existing decorative brickwork, but introduces new contemporary glazed gables that maximise the volumes and light to the new top floor apartments.

Tunbridge Wells Development.jpeg

Tunbridge Wells Flats

Redevelopment of Rear Site

Some years ago we converted the upper floors of a commercial building to flats which has been a great long term investment for our client.

He recently asked us to obtain planning consent for the redevelopment of the site at the rear and this is one of the initial sketches. We are preparing the detailed planning application and hope to start work on site later this year.

BBBC Shelter Aerial View 2.jpeg

Bromley By Bow

Shelter for Vulnerable People

We have been working with The Bromley by Bow Centre for several years now and you can see some of the work we did on their Connection Zone in our case study.

They recently asked us for ideas to create a shelter for the many vulnerable users they have who need shielding and at the same time need to maintain social distance rules.

Project development architects in Kent and Sussex


We consider environmental aspects, and the sustainability of your project to unlock the potential of the site. Our designs consider how it will be built, structural implications, the likelihood of planning permission being granted, building regulations and cost.  


Why choose jhd Architects for your Development Project?


  • A listening architects practice

  • Excellent success rate with planning applications

  • Fully iterative design process

  • Robust cost and project management systems

  • RIBA chartered practice

  • 3D virtual building technology 

  • Proactive approach to give you complete peace of mind


By offering a project management service, we oversee the different elements of your commercial development so that it stays on course and meets time and budget criteria. By offering 3D design, you and your whole development team can see exactly what the building will look like.


Our aim is to combine function with style to meet your commercial and corporate requirements to turn your vision into a development that is practical, elegant, beautiful and timeless. Irrespective of the size of your project, jhd Architects will be with you from concept to completion. 


If you are looking for an architect for your project development, and an initial indication as to whether your ideas will work in practice, please get in touch for some ‘Design Magic’ from jhd Architects throughout Kent and Sussex

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