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Inspirational Modern House Design


We craft innovative and contemporary home designs that maximise the potential of your plot with a great planning consent, even in areas with stringent regulations like Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Greenbelt where planning is hard to get. We then safeguard your investment by controlling the building process to lock in the design value​.

Dreaming of creating your own grand design? Finding a plot for the perfect replacement dwelling can be daunting, but with great risk comes potential rewards – both emotionally and financially but take advice about planning consent before bidding.

We can add huge value before you commit with design ideas, planning policy assessment and approximate building costs.


Sevenoaks Greenbelt

Add Space With A Basement

A replacement for an older house that was falling down and in the wrong part of the site. We relocated the house lower down the site to take advantage of the garden levels and added a basement to create more space than the Greenbelt rules normally allow.




Keep A Low Profile

This house replaced a weatherboarded bungalow on the edge of the village. Our low profile design meant that we could double the size of the house without affecting the character of the area and increased the value of the plot for the developer 


Sevenoaks Conservation Area

House In A Garden

This house was built in the garden of a much larger house. We set the building at the back of the plot to make the front garden much larger than usual. That gave the owner some great space to look out in in complete privacy. We also landscaped the whole of the garden, which features a Japanese Tea House and a carp pool with a rill feeding into it.


Benenden Staycation House

Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty

This house replaced an asbestos ridden clapboard bungalow. Although the AONB location meant that the visual impact of the design was critical to gaining planning, we worked with the site levels to create a semi basement and so kept the ridge height the same as the existing. The eventual planning consent more than doubled the space.


Orpington Greenbelt

Hillside House With Basement

This replaced an old rendered bungalow. The design works with the steeply sloping site to create split level living areas and bedrooms. There is a full basement lit from above by the glazed rooflight projecting above the main roof line. This also includes ventilation cowls reminiscent of oast cowls.


Party House Next To A Park

This very large family home was created to entertain guests in style. As well as the large interior reception areas, there are large external covered areas for outdoor parties.

Below ground there is a party room, pool, cinema and wine tasting area.


Bromley Greenbelt

Country House

This replacement two storey family home is set on a lovely plot with a large garden. Because of Greenbelt floor area restrictions, we added a basement that is lit from a large open plan staircase.

Graveney Pergola House

Graveney Pergola House

NPPF Paragraph 79


We are currently working on the design of this nature centred sustainable home. Gaining consent is difficult because the site is outside all of the development boundaries, however there is special provision in planning law for houses that are "truly outstanding or innovative, reflecting the highest standards in architecture".

Its a high standard to meet but we are hopeful that this design will be successful.

Lake Hideaway


Lake Hideaway

This is one that got away and was never built, but the location on a lake would have been superb.

Sevenoaks Weald View


Weald View

Although we gained planning consent for this house set on the edge of the High Weald ridge in Sevenoaks, the owner never built it. All the rooms faced south with view for miles over the High Weald landscape.

Greenbelt Family Home


Greenbelt Family Home

Planning consent was gained for this arrow shape house design, but it was never built. The first floor bedroom suite featured a high sloping ceiling with large south west facing windows and a private terrace.

Dungeness Beach Lookout


Beach Lookout

This is a sketch design for a house on Dungeness Beach. The materials reflect the beach location and are a combination of rugged weatherboarding and concrete.

We worked for some time on different schemes, however the restrictions imposed on the site by the planners proved too onerous.


Seasalter Passiv Haus


Passiv Haus

This is the first PassvHaus project that we have worked on and the scheme is currently being built.

The design features a completely open plan ground floor an open stair leading up to the bedrooms that ware partly within the roof slope.

Replacement House in AONB


Replacement House in AONB

We gained planning consent to replace a small low bungalow with this scheme that was never built.

The success of the design is because we separated the Living and Bedroom areas into two elements, linked by a single storey Hallway. That reduces the scale and massing of the building and fits the character of the streetscene.

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