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Top Tips For Designing A New House

Replacement house plot for sale
Work Out A Realistic Budget

Many people dream of designing and building their home. Here are our top tips and worst mistakes to for a successful project:

1. Choose The Best Architect:


Their advice and design will add significant value right from the start, so think of the fees as an investment, not a cost to skimp on. You need to get along through thick and thin and be able to trust them so talk to a few and ask how they approach their work

2. Find A Plot With An Existing House

Gaining planning on a green field site is difficult, so look instead for a good plot with a house on it that you can replace

3. Be Clear About What You Want

.. but don't try to design it yourself - leave that to the Architect. Think about what worked and didn't in previous homes and other houses you have seen and build on those ideas

4. Work Out A Realistic Budget

Costs vary widely but as a guide most self build homes cost between £1,850 and £3,000/m2. It depends on the site complexity, design, materials and finishes. Don't forget fees


Balance what you can afford with future investment value. Make your house as big as you can afford and get planning consent for - few people ever think their house is too large!

5. Don’t Change Your Mind During Construction

... because that results in extra costs and delays. Instead really get to understand the design in detail before construction starts. If you don't understand, ask. Think about working in 3D

6. Lifetime Design


Design for the needs of your children and yourself in a few years time. Also think ahead as we all grow older. See our Lifetime Design page

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