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Get In Touch - New Client Enquiry

Timothy Ball RIBA

JHD Architects

Finding The Right Architect

When looking for an architect to help with your project it's really important that you find an architect you like and trust.


It's equally important that we find clients who value the high quality, bespoke service we offer, who understand the benefits of working in 3D BIM and whose projects are big enough and close enough for us to serve cost-effectively.

From our Tunbridge Wells office we cover most of Kent and East Sussex from the M25 down to the coast.

How Feasible Is My Project?

Like most clients one of your first questions about your project is probably “How feasible is this?”.


Can I get planning consent, how much is it going to cost?


We can’t answer those questions in detail without doing quite a lot of work, but sometimes you might only need an initial indication, just to test your idea out.


That’s where our free desktop assessment might help. So what do we do for free? Based upon just your address we can look at Google Earth to see what the surroundings are like, check planning policy and compare your project to other similar projects we’ve worked on. From that we can assess the likelihood of you being able to gain planning consent and give your some examples of similar projects and what their final cost was.


We’ll also give you a quote for our Stage 1 Detailed Feasibility and Sketch Design. It may be that’s enough to help you decide whether to take it further.


If that sounds helpful, get in touch via our contact form or call us on 01892 231 172 and we will send you a short questionnaire to get things started.

Budget Cost

We generally work on projects that are cost between £150,000 and £1,500,000 construction cost excluding vat.

The range of building costs varies a lot because of the potential differences from project to project. But as a guide for extensions for instance, the range of cost is £2000-3000/m2 or £170-280/sqft ex vat (£2,800-£4,200 including all professional fees and vat).

So if you work out the approximate internal dimensions of your extension project and multiply them to get the area you can use these rates to give you an idea of the cost range.

How Our Fees Are Calculated

We calculate our fees as a percentage of the construction cost. This is in effect a fixed fee for a fixed amount of construction cost. If the scope and costs stay the same, there is no change to the fee. However if the cost changes, the fee is automatically adjusts. Construction cost is a good indicator of the work we need to do and so is fair to both the client and us. At the early stages we base our fees on the agreed construction budget.

The percentage varies with the complexity of the work. Working on existing buildings is more complex than new buildings and so attracts a higher rate. Work to listed buildings is the most expensive because of the complexity of integrating new work with the historic fabric.

Contact Form

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