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Indoor Pool

Pools and Outdoor Living

Indoor Pools

These present a dual challenge as they should be designed as an extension of both the house and the garden. Interiors need to be spacious to allow for comfortable air quality and to balance the large scale of the pool itself. Doors connecting to house and garden need to be large and easy to open. Edges, steps, covers and lighting need to be beautifully detailed. The equipment must be carefully positioned to avoid the noise and to make maintenance easy.

Outdoor Living

When the weather is good nothing beats outdoor cooking, eating and entertaining. Well-designed outdoor living spaces that connect to the house allow you to share food and drinks all year round.An ‘outdoor room’ is a great way to extend the living space of your home. Match the terrace finish to your home and define the space with some clever planting in pots or beds. To get best use of the space it needs to be located in the right place and properly shaded by a pergola or shade sail.

Depending on your preference and budget there are then endless add-ons including outdoor kitchens with work surfaces, storage, fridge, hob and dishwasher, a fire pit, hot tub, fountain, lighting including floor lamps, bar and comfortable seating area which can either be moveable or fully integrated into the design using low walls, extra wide steps or benches.

Outdoor Pools

We don’t supply or install swimming pools but we do design the way they relate to the garden and house as part of our landscape design work. We also integrate all the complex services requirements that pools need to hide them wherever possible.

In the past, outdoor pools were typically located away from the house and often screened from view. Our belief is that, rather than being at the bottom of the garden, outdoor pools should be beautifully designed and fully integrated into the landscape, ideally near the house so that they become another easy to use extension of your main living space.