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Shelter for Vulnerable People

We have been working with The Bromley by Bow Centre for several years now and you can see some of the work we did on their Connection Zone in our case study.

They recently asked us for ideas to create a shelter for the many vulnerable users they have who need shielding and at the same time need to maintain social distance rules. They came up with the idea of a tensile structure shelter located on the park next to their centre and we were able to quickly locate a suitable company, Base Structures, who make shelters of this kind.

We were able to take the 3D model that Base Structures provided and using our 3D software (Archicad) place the shelter in the park using Google Earth. You can see the resulting views both from above and at ground level.

Where Google Earth data is available in 3D (only parts of the UK are covered so far) we can use it to give context to development projects quickly and accurately and share that information with clients and planning officers.

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